Office Notice for Staffs and Officers

Office Notice for Staffs and Officers

Sl. Notice Title Publish Date Download
1 Self Quarentine Leave order of Subash Chandra Bosh(RO) regarding Kovid-19 +ve Report 04/01/2021 PDF
2 Office order(10184/09-09-2020) regarding Bond Management to be dynamic & transparent 09/09/2020 PDF
3 Bond Division & Circles Re-arranged Order(9489/23-08-2020) 23/08/2020 PDF
4 Office order (8975/30-07-2020) regarding Diplomatic Exemption Certificate 30/07/2020 PDF
5 Office Order-7839/05-07-2020 05/07/2020 PDF
6 Office Order-7114/16-06-2020 Regarding ARO Transfer 16/06/2020 PDF
7 Office Order-4016/25-03-2020 Regarding DEPZ & AEPZ 25/03/2020 PDF
8 Office Order-4015/25-03-2020 Regarding UP 25/03/2020 PDF
9 Additional Duty(ARO) 24/03/2020 PDF
10 Help Desk Order 24/03/2020 PDF
11 Night Duty 24/03/2020 PDF
12 Nilam 24/03/2020 PDF
13 Preventive Team 23/03/2020 PDF
14 Office Order Regarding HB, Beza & Hi-Tech Park(L-3262/09-03-2020) 09/03/2020 PDF
15 Help Desk Order 30/01/2020 PDF
16 Office Order Regarding upgraded File list(L-1426/30-01-2020) 30/01/2020 PDF
17 Minuites of Meeting with LFMEAB 13/01/2020 PDF
18 Office Order(12-12-2019) 12/12/2019 PDF
19 Office Order for ARO/SI/Sepoy regarding Office Security 28/11/2019 PDF
20 Notice for Physical Examination of Sepai Appoinment 04/02/2019 PDF
21 Office Order 01/01/2019 PDF
22 Office Order 01/01/2019 PDF
23 Office Order for Office Branch Visit 29/01/2019 PDF

Recruitment Notice

Written Result for UDA, Sepoy & Cashier

Written Result for Office Assistant

Computer Practical Test Result

Driver Practical Test Result

Wrtten Result for Driver & Computer related Posts

Notice for written, Practical & Viva

Notice for Written Exam.

Physical Test Result for the Post of Sepoy

Final Result for the post of Driver

Written Result for the post of Driver

Practical test result for Driver post & time for recruitment of Driver Post

List of Candidates for Practical test of Driver post

BCS Merger Committee

BCS Merger Letter(1)

BCS Merger Letter(2)

Recruitment Notice for the post of Driver

Application Form for Recruitment

Final Result for Recruitment

Urgent Notice for Appoinment Letter

Special Notice for Freedom Fighter Possa Quota


Appreciation From BTMA

Office Order for AD & JC (01/01/2019)

Death News of Md. Ali Hossain(Sub Inspector)--22/09/2018

Office order 28-06-2018 regarding office on 30-06-2018

october 2016
office order,27-10-2016Letter of meeting
office order-16.10.2016office order
office order,office order(24.9.2016)
office order 2016,office order(26.9.2016)
office order 2016,additional dutyeid vacation duty
office order 2016,AC orderTRansfer order(7.9.2016)
officer order 2016;additional duty for A.R.o/A.R.o(c.c)
office order 2016Additional duty for R.O./R.O(cc)
office order 2016; office order(7.9.2016)
office order:1.9.2016training of two aro in customs academy

August 2016:

1office order 22.8.2016office order

2.Office Order: Regarding Garments Division/Circle establishment.

3.Office Order: Nothi Management

Eid Vacation 2016 : Office order for shifting duties during vacation