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Wednesday, 01 August 2012 13:18

Please use the following economic codes for depositing money by Treasury Challan(TR-6) in favour of Customs Bond Commissionerate, Dhaka (SL 1 to 9). Revenue of SL 10 and 11 do not belong to Customs Bond Commissionerate, Dhaka. It is the legitimate responsibility of Customs Bond Commissionerate, Dhaka to ensure the collection of these revenue arises from the activities related to this Commissionerate.

 SL        Revenue Type      Codes
 1  Customs Duty(CD)  1/1136/0005/0401    
 2  Regulatory Duty(RD)  1/1136/0005/0401
 3  Value Added Tax (VAT)  1/1136/0005/0301
 4  Supplememtary Duty(SD)  1/1136/0005/0701 
 5  License Fee  1/1136/0005/1854
 6  Fine-Penalty  1/1136/0005/1901
 7  Duplicate documents Fee  1/1136/0005/2681
 8  Auction  1/1136/0005/2681
 Overpaid duty Recovery  1/1136/0005/2671
 10  Advance Income Tax (AIT)   1/1141/0000*/0112
 11  VAT on Office Rent  1/1133/0000#/0311

* Use concern Income Tax Zone's Code who is responsible to collect AIT. This Revenue belongs to concern Income Tax Zone.
# Use concern VAT Commissionerate's Code from where your BIN is issued. This Revenue belongs to concern VAT Commissionerate. 

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